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Covid-19 Update

Getting workplace ready for the Covid-19

Useful information from World Health Organisation

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We really do hope that the spread of the Coronavirus Covid-19 Disease is contained however it is better to be prepared and the World Health Organisation and the NHS have issued protection measures that we can all take to avoid catching/spreading the disease. As a new disease we don’t have information about how long the virus can live outside of the human body or exactly how it is spread.


The main advice on both the WHO and the NHS websites:


•Wash hands thoroughly with soap and water – if no access to do this then use sanitising hand gel regularly

•Avoid touching your face particularly eyes, nose and mouth

•Keep a social distance of at least 1 metre (3 feet) from anyone who appears to have a cold (sneezing and coughing)

•Maintain good respiratory hygiene – cough or sneeze into a tissue and dispose of the used tissue immediately


What are CS Cleaning doing to continue to support our clients at this time?


•Cleaning products are being switched to anti-bactericidal/anti-virucidal products wherever possible

•All hand soap will be upgraded to an anti-bacterial version unless clients specify differently

•We are offering a suite of additional services at this time dedicated solely to sanitisation

•We are consistently monitoring issues with the wider supply of sanitising and antibacterial products.


Please be advised that as a result of this we have been made aware of supply chain

issues relating to sanitising gel products and anti-bacterial wipes.


At this time, it is strongly recommended that all who enter and leave buildings should wash their hands for 20 seconds or sanitise using a product at point of exit/entry to buildings. We are offering our limited stockpiles to existing clients. If you require any of these products, please order as soon as possible to ensure delivery. At this stage of uncertainty, we are unable to secure any guarantees regarding replenishment lead times.